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Heath Savings Card, How it Works.

With Savnet Health Savings Card, you will gain access to a nationwide network of healthcare providers. Much like a wholesale savings club, where you pay a small annual fee to gain access, to deep discounts on products, Savnet works on the same principal. You pay a small annual fee and you can save up to 50% at the dentist, ear doctor, eye doctor, chiropractor and even pharmacy. These providers within your plan’s network have agreed to offer significant discounts on their services to plan members. You enjoy big savings at the provider and they don’t have to deal with insurance company red tape, file paperwork, or wait for reimbursements. Everyone is happy.  


20%-50% Savings On Prescriptions
At Over 60,000 Pharmacies!

Dental Benefits
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Dental Benefits

Members enjoy immediate access to dental providers with no waiting periods or forms to fill out. You’ll save on average between 15%-50% on most dental procedures from a national network of general dentists and specialists. 

Dental Savings Examples

Routine 6 Month Check-Up $44 / $34
Adult Teeth Cleaning $80 / $50
Single Crown $950 / $645
Full Upper Denture $1,500 / $875
Complete Denture Maxillary $1,476 / $1,044
Vision Benefits
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Vision Benefits

members can receive 35% off normal retail prices (on a complete pair) at participating retailers like LensCrafters, Nationwide Vision, Pearle Vision and many other independent vision providers. Our members can choose from more than 45,000 providers in more than 21,000 locations.

Vision Savings Examples

Frames 35% Off Retail
Standard Lens – Bifocal $70
Standard Polycarbonate $40
Contact Lenses 15% Off Retail
Lasik or PRK 15% Off Retail
Hearing Benefits
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Hearing Benefits

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Hearing Services

35% Discount off Connect Hearing’s hearing aid prices
3 Years FREE – Batteries with hearing aid purchase
100% Service Satisfaction Guarantee
FREE Earmolds
Chiropractic Benefits
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Chiropractic Benefits

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Chiropractic Services

Enjoy discounts of 25% off usual and customary fees for services from a national network of complementary health care providers
Shop our online store of health and wellness products at 15% to 40% discount on most items

It’s Simple As… 1, 2, 3
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Savnet Pharmacy Program


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As America’s Premier Prescription Savings Program. Our cardholders have saved over $1 billion on their prescription drug purchases! The Prescription SavingsCard Program is one you can trust – with thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide, you’ll get the best possible savings and our commitment to your health and well being.

Savings You Can Count On

SavNet Health Savings Program provides a solution to your health care puzzle. Our discount program can significantly reduce your health care costs. This program will be the gateway to a healthier you. Our extensive networks make it easy for you to find providers close to home, work or while you are traveling. 

A Health Saving Program for employers and employees that can take the place of expensive traditional insurance plans. Whether you are a company looking to offer an additional benefit, or an employee where insurance isn’t offered, the SavNet Health Savings Program is the program for you.

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