Changing The Way You Think About Pharmacy Programs and Drug Pricing

America’s Pharmacy Source is a new, revolutionary pharmacy program focused on helping members, with a mission to provide the lowest priced prescriptions in the industry. We also have pharmacy coaches to help educate and offer options for patients to save even more money and get them delivered right to their home.


Revolutionizing The Way You Get Your Prescription Drugs and Their Pricing

America’s Pharmacy Source is a revolutionary home delivery pharmacy with headquarters in a 32,000 sq ft. facility in Akron, Ohio. We are focused on helping the cash paying consumer, with a mission to provide affordable prescriptions and knowledge to under-served Americans. Our experienced team of customer service and pharmaceutical professionals provide the highest level of care when patients need it most coaching them on the best products and practices as well as educating them on therapeutically similar options when available. All of our products and prescriptions are approved by the FDA and sourced in the United States. From acute to chronic needs, and over-the-counter options, our medications are some of the most cost effective in the industry. Learn More Today!


Over-The-Counter Medications

America’s Pharmacy Source offers the most common Over-The-Counter medications, such as Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Fexofenadine, Diphenhydramine and others at a fraction of the price. We know the little things add up each month so we aim to save you money on the medications you use everyday.

Maintenance Medications
(Chronic Needs)

Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed for chronic, long‐term conditions and are taken on a regular, recurring basis. Chronic conditions like: high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, to name a few. These drugs are well‐established medications that have proven safety and efficacy and are considered first‐line therapy options for the treatment of these conditions.

Acute Medications
(Immediate Need)

If you have an immediate need for these types of medications, we have included a prescription card in the welcome packet to use at a retail pharmacy. This card includes the top 83 most prescribed acute medications for a $5.00 payment, for up to a 21-day supply at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Diabetes Program
(SaveOn Diabetes)

SaveOn Diabetes is our game-changing program for members with Diabetes in which they will get a FREE meter, low cost testing strips, lancets and more. Many people have diabetes and one in three Americans are pre-diabetic, make sure you are keeping an eye on the warning signs. Read our special insert for more information.

Pharmacy Coaching

America’s Pharmacy Source is looking out for you. Our experienced team of customer service and Licensed Pharmacists provide the highest level of care when members need it most. Through Pharmacy Coaching, we educate members on possible medication options and opportunities to save additional money when available. We will consult with you and your doctor to inform you of the alternatives and help make the best decision for your personal and financial health.


Top 75 Chronic Medications 90-Day Supply For $15 / $30 / $45

Maintenance medications for chronic conditions will be shipped to members in a 3 month (90 Day) supply in many cases for less money than a 1 month (30 day) supply at your traditional pharmacy. See the difference and try home delivery today!

Top 83 Acute Drugs In America $5.00 Each for Up To 21 Days!

For acute medications (for illnesses or emergencies that you cannot wait 3-5 days for), America’s Pharmacy Source has relationships with over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide that accept our Member Prescription Card, which will get you the top 83 most utilized drugs for only a $5.00 payment.

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SAVNET isn’t just about great Pharmacy Programs and Drug Pricing, when you enroll, you’ll also receive a wide variety of savings on vision care, chiropractic care, dental care, and more!


Lowest Cost Medications In The Industry

America’s Pharmacy Source has made it our mission to supply you with the lowest-priced and highest quality medications from American based companies. Our goal is to save you money and give you piece-of-mind. By sourcing direct from the manufacturer, and having the best customer service, we can save you money each month and give you the best experience. APS is your pharmacy game-changer.

Our savings program will significantly reduce your health care costs. Our extensive networks make it easy for you to find providers close to home, work or while you are traveling.

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