The Savnet Health Savings Program Is Designed To Save you Money On Dental, Vision, Hearing, Chiropractic and Pharmacy Services When Insurance Isn’t Available or Falls Short.

Savnet has a network of thousands of providers  who we have partnered with us to bring you quality care with significant savings.

How The Savnet Health Savings Program Works

We work with thousands of healthcare service providers nationwide to bring you the best and most convenient options for quality dental, vision, hearing and chiropractic care as well as pharmacy savings. Our relationship with these providers both saves you money, and helps their practices succeed. Try The Savnet Health Savings Program Today!

Choices Available

With better network options, members get convenient, accessible care they need!

Valuable Information

Access to valuable tools and information to enhance your experience.  Visit our FAQ to find answers to many frequently asked questions.


Savnet Health Savings Program should enhance your life – not complicate it.  Great service, network strength, savings and options are the cornerstone of your membership.

How To Get Your Medications

When it comes to the America’s Pharmacy Source Program, we want to make sure you have a good understanding of how it works so you can fully take advantage of the services and savings. Below is information for the core areas, phone numbers and details about each of them. If you have additional questions, feel free to call us at (833) APS-MEDS.

Free Delivery

We have partnered with UPS and The United States Postal Office to make sure your packages arrive safely and securely. All packages that leave our facility are scanned and tracked through UPS’ state-of-the-art tracking system so that you always know where your package is, until it arrives at your door. Shipping only takes 3-5 business days to almost anywhere in the continental U.S. Rest assured your medications are on their way and are handled with the utmost care.

About Savnet

SaveNet is one of the nation’s leading diversified consumer driven networks, serving millions people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care costs.

SavNet offers a broad range of voluntary and consumer-directed health savings products and related services, including: dental, pharmacy, vision, hearing, and medical management capabilities. SavNet customers include: employer groups, individuals, college students, part-time and hourly workers, health share organizations, health care providers, labor groups and expatriates.

Savnet developed the Health Savings Program to help uninsured and underinsured people access quality care, affordably and easily.

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